I have just spent the past two days, working with some of the most incredible and talented freelance creatives one could possibly wish for! There is an exciting project in the works and I guess you’ll know more about that very soon - when I am allowed to tell you.

But I wanted to talk about the creative and artistic elements that tie it all together and the process you go through to bring a theatre production to life. It is really an amazing feeling!

There are and have been a lot of articles written and shared about creativity and the creative process. There is also a significant amount of work supporting the idea of businesses and employers hiring more creatives in the workplace. I am all for this. I firmly believe if you want something done, hire a creative to do it.

There is no limiting beliefs in getting the job done. And what may not be able to happen in the eyes of some, can almost certainly take place in the eyes of a creative. The ability to think outside the box and bring a big vision to life - that’s fucking talent.

The people I have been working with for the past 15 years, specialise in outdoor theatre spectaculars - and it’s the individuals who specialise in production design, sound design, lighting design, producers, writers and directors that really all bring it to life. Sure the actors/singers do an important job - but it’s the production team that have dreamt this idea and breathed it to life.

Every last bit of detail is thought of - right down to the rhinestones on a costume. It’s that precise.

And the music that is written for these theatre productions is big itself! Instrumentation, light and shade, the notes NOT to be played. It aligns to the script, design etc - it all speaks to each other. A well oiled machine.

I hope I am making sense - I get really passionate about these kinds of things, because it’s a distinctive and precise vision. I just love how all the pieces of the puzzle fits together. And there is your 80-90 minute theatre work.

I think the important thing to remember and I guess what I am trying to say is, stay true to the vision. Be absolutely firm and passionate about what you’re trying to achieve. It’s not one person that makes it all happen. It’s a team of very passionate, talented, creative and artistic visionaries that all work together - respectfully and appropriately to make sure an authentic story is being told.

There’s a lot to be learnt from the creative process, mind, body and spirit.

It definitely is the way of the future. 👩🏽‍🎤

Megan Sarmardin