Do you find yourself asking that question? What am I doing? What was I doing?

I have asked myself these questions for the past couple of months or so.

It’s been a crazy journey and I’ve woken up at the crack of dawn to redesign my website plus write a new blog post.

I have been juggling a new job (more on that later) in a pretty complex area. It’s certainly been an eye-opener and has made me question and reflect my values, beliefs and world view. On top of that, trying to complete postgrad uni studies.

But the biggest news of all; I am part of not one, but TWO mega productions that are programmed for the Queensland Music Festival for 2019!

Here is my Instagram post of me singing at the launch of the festival program!

The Mount Isa Blast is musical and theatre EXTRAVAGANZA set in the Kalkadoon Area at Buchanan Park, Mount Isa. It’s such an honour to be a part of a community production and singing in my hometown, especially being a part of this event with the BullDust band. We have been working hard for the last six months and rehearsing. It’s good to get back in that particular space again. We have all done an excellent job so far (everyone juggling our own personal commitments), even if I do say so myself!

The Genius of John Rodgers will be a beautiful celebration concert of a man I am proud to call my mentor, but most importantly, my friend.

So grateful for these opportunities. I am still pinching myself and trying to find the right words on how to explain this all. But for now, I think I’ll just let it sink in!