Photo by  Kiana Bosman  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash

Oh dear.. I say that nicely. But it’s been such a busy, productive and almost surreal start to the year.

For the past month, I’ve been settling into my new job. It’s been such an eye-opener, but also a rewarding challenge.

I also decided to step outside my comfort zone and dive deep into the creative vortex - a Grad Certificate in Writing and Literature is just what I needed, apparently 😉

And if that wasn’t enough, myself and my band have said yes to what could be one of the biggest gigs of careers to date! PHEW!

Anyone out there I’d like to be my personal assistant for the next six months? Don’t all rush at once 😜

I realise now how precious time is and how much of a waste of time social media is. I was only have this discussion today with a close friend of mine.

I made mention of how much time one wastes, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

We could be doing so much more. We could be so much more. It’s one of those things; love/hate relationship. I guess you have to make it work to your advantage, plus know what your own personal technological limits are.

I do like social media. It’s fantastic. It’s a great way to keep in tough - in real time. You can make extremely important connections - in life and business. It’s also great, as a freelance artist, to really promote yourself, your work and what you’re doing.

I guess it’s just up to the individual to say ‘enough is enough’ and you have put down that phone, close that laptop and go and focus on the important things in life. And in saying that, I best go start planning my very first uni assignment! YAY! 👩🏾‍💻👩🏾‍🎓

Can you tell me some of the strategies you use, to personally manage your own social media time? I’d love to know.

Oh.. by the way.. HAPPY MARDI GRAS! 🌈🦄


January seems to be the month of blogging for me! I cannot stop writing and the above picture proves it.

I am so excited to taking a giant step into the creative world.

Yes, I am a musician/singer/performer, it aligns to all the things I am doing now, but it’s also pointing me into a different direction and I am loving it! I cannot wait to share my works with you.

It’s going to be good for me; I’ll get to push my creative and artistic limits. I think that’s what you need in today’s world. There is also so much to say.

I think that’s all the news I have for the month of January. I didn’t intentionally set out to write a blog post a week, but here I am 😆

A big shout out to the Mum’s, Dad’s and families getting the kids off to their first day of school.

I am sending you love 💜

I hope you have a brilliant 2019 💃🏾



I have just spent the past two days, working with some of the most incredible and talented freelance creatives one could possibly wish for! There is an exciting project in the works and I guess you’ll know more about that very soon - when I am allowed to tell you.

But I wanted to talk about the creative and artistic elements that tie it all together and the process you go through to bring a theatre production to life. It is really an amazing feeling!

There are and have been a lot of articles written and shared about creativity and the creative process. There is also a significant amount of work supporting the idea of businesses and employers hiring more creatives in the workplace. I am all for this. I firmly believe if you want something done, hire a creative to do it.

There is no limiting beliefs in getting the job done. And what may not be able to happen in the eyes of some, can almost certainly take place in the eyes of a creative. The ability to think outside the box and bring a big vision to life - that’s fucking talent.

The people I have been working with for the past 15 years, specialise in outdoor theatre spectaculars - and it’s the individuals who specialise in production design, sound design, lighting design, producers, writers and directors that really all bring it to life. Sure the actors/singers do an important job - but it’s the production team that have dreamt this idea and breathed it to life.

Every last bit of detail is thought of - right down to the rhinestones on a costume. It’s that precise.

And the music that is written for these theatre productions is big itself! Instrumentation, light and shade, the notes NOT to be played. It aligns to the script, design etc - it all speaks to each other. A well oiled machine.

I hope I am making sense - I get really passionate about these kinds of things, because it’s a distinctive and precise vision. I just love how all the pieces of the puzzle fits together. And there is your 80-90 minute theatre work.

I think the important thing to remember and I guess what I am trying to say is, stay true to the vision. Be absolutely firm and passionate about what you’re trying to achieve. It’s not one person that makes it all happen. It’s a team of very passionate, talented, creative and artistic visionaries that all work together - respectfully and appropriately to make sure an authentic story is being told.

There’s a lot to be learnt from the creative process, mind, body and spirit.

It definitely is the way of the future. 👩🏽‍🎤


It’s a Friday night here in the Isa and I have just finished the week of work.

Who doesn’t love listening to tunes to wind down from the week?

I want to share with you some of my favourite songs. It’s just a few songs; there would be an endless blog post about all the favourite songs that I like.

We wouldn’t be leaving the computer for a while.

I have to tell you, I have a very wide range of taste in music - 1940’s until present day. It’s very eclectic.

And I have never limited myself to just one genre.

I listened to a lot of music growing up and listened to a lot of styles of singing.

Country is my most favourite. Such beautiful singing and beautiful story telling!

I don’t really care that people screw up their noses at country because as far as I’m concerned, no one will ever be able to sing like Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn - the list is endless.

Those ladies really had something.

Their range, technique, phrasing, diction, breathing - it’s so pure. I also think it’s something that can’t be taught.

If you’re interested in singing, I really encourage you to listen to a lot of music, songs, styles - take note of how they say their words; where they take their breathe etc. Close your eyes, allow yourself to get lost in the moment - they sing every word and they mean it!

By gosh, they mean it.

You all have to remember that they didn’t have the technology that’s available these days.. erm.. AUTO TUNE! They had to sing and learn to sing - shock horror! I am being sarcastic here.

In all seriousness though, it’s not something that is replicated today. Even the musicians that played on these recordings. They were really something too.

The hairstyles, just divine!

I am so grateful I got to see Dolly Parton in concert in 2011. Her singing Coat of Many Colours meant so much to me.

It was one of the songs I first learn to sing when I was a little girl. Here I was, at the concert of a lifetime for me - my little childhood idol. Whom, I wanted to be so much ever since I was given my “Dolly, Live in London” VHS by my Gran.

She knew I just loved her!

And there she was, with her autoharp, strumming and she began to tell the story of her going up with not a lot of money, but a lot of love.

That story has stayed with me ever since.

What are the songs you remember from your childhood? Are you transported back in time to that exact moment and place?

Please write to me and let me know!